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Thursday, 12 September 2013

This Autumn sees Burberry launch it's very own collection of 3 superb signature coloured nail polishes.

The polishes boast strengtheners and moisturising ingredients, pro-vitamin B5 and myrrh extract.Created by Burberry artist Wendy Rowe and Christopher Bailey.
The trio of shades are:
Deep Red - their signature oxblood red.

Black - Poopy black.

Stone - Burberry's signature milky beige.

Coming soon this September!

Deborah Lippmann 'Stronger' Launch

The launch of Kelly Clarkson's first ever nail polish happens this month!

Described as a holographic glitter polish, it is a chunky textured violet blue.

Kelly Clarkson herself describes it as 'Jewelry for the nails.'

Worn first by Kelly at this years 2013 Grammys, it is named after one of her songs 'Stronger'.

Now the question is that if this is a success will the be more? And will they continue to be named after her hit songs? Watch this space...

Available to buy now from Deborah Lippmann ranges.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Denim Nails Review

I finally got hold of some Denim Nail polish from George Asda for just £3! I purchased the Blue Denim and Black Denim.
First up, the Blue Denim....
IMG_20130819_190917Slightly disappointed with this effect as it is meant to give a stone washed denim effect, yet I don't feel it does enough. I think if I were to add some sponged white effect it may look more like denim.
The application was very easy and with it's medium consistency it spread evenly and you could probably get away with one coat, though I used two.

It had average drying time and didn't run. However, within the hour the tips of my nails had chipped, probably due to no topcoat, as it can ruin the effect if add clear coat on top. The finish is a slightly textured matte effect that still looks really good though.
Overall I would say worth trying, but not as much denim effect as I would have liked to have seen.

Now to the Black Denim...
IMG_20130821_191054As with the Blue, the application was simple and easy with no runs and an average drying time.
This one I feel looks nothing like black denim and instead looks more like a shimmery matte. But I Love it! It's such a pretty black polish with a brilliant matte shimmer and texture. Also, unlike the Blue, it took over a week and a half until my nails chipped with the Black!
Again, I may have to experiment with dabbing some sponged white to try to create a more denim look.
Overall, despite this being the east of the two to look denim I love the black effect it offers as a matte polish!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Top Jewellery Trends!

This summer is seeing some brilliant trends in fashion and jewellery has come to the forefront of all this!
1. Anchors Ahoy!
The ever popular nautical theme is back and anchors are huge in jewellery at the moment!

Anchor Ring £4.50

anchorearrsAnchor Earrings £3.50

Anchor and Swallow Double Ring £3.50.

2. Geometry!
Geometric shapes are everywhere at the moment. Whether it's a bold geo printed dress or a glorious chunky geometric necklace and triangles are the hottest shape!

Pink Triangle Geometric Necklace £6.50

3. Bold Cuffs!
Shiny, chunky statement bracelet cuffs are a must have for your wrist this season.

Cuff £5.00

4. Shamballa Love!
Yes Shamballa sets are very trendy at the moment! These cute glistening beads come in so many beautiful colours, be it in a necklace, earrings or bracelet. Though if you think it's simply a trendy fad think again, as Shamballa holds a very historic meaning behind the beads. Shamballa is a mythical kingdom that Tibetan Buddhists believe in and they hold a spiritual meaning to search and believe.

Shamballa Bracelet £3.50

Crystal Shamballa Necklace and Earring Gift Set £10.50

5. Sideways Crosses!
This new take on wearing a cross necklace swept the globe with celebrities adorning the beautiful pieces. Crosses are big in fashion right now too, I'm sure you've seen crosses on leggings, tops, nails and of course jewellery! The great thing about the side cross necklace is that it's so dainty and delicately beautiful you can wear it with anything!

sidecross1Side Cross Necklace £7.50

6. Victorian Antique Bronze
Forget modern and retro, this jewellery trend has travelled us back in time to the 1900's! Antique bronze has taken over the gold and silver coloured jewellery giving rings and necklaces a great vintage look.

seagreen1Handmade Nail Polish Rings available for £5.00 in various colours.

rosering2Handmade Rose Ring £4.50

7. Stuck in the Midi!
Knuckle rings have taken over! Instead of wearing a ring normally low down on the finger, knuckle rings are worn in middle of finger above the knuckle.


Available in various designs for £4.50.

8. Moustaches!
Still going strong is the massive Moustache trend! Popular everywhere, whether it's a cushion, top, nail art or jewellery!

purplemoustacheMoustache Necklaces available in different colours for just £3.50

9. Arm Candy!
Once bracelet just isn't enough for this particular trend, from Bracelet Stacks that incorporate multiple bracelets into one wrist piece, to Bracelet Sets that offer trios of separate bracelets as a set.


Bracelet Set for £8.00 for all 3!

10. Evil Eye Comeback!
They're back! Yes the hugely popular 90's trend has returned and this time it's bigger and better than ever!

Available in Antique Silver & Antique Bronze £4.50

All these gorgeous items are available to buy now from Melody Moo.

New Arrivals to Melody Moo!

Vintage Nail Collection!
Limited Edition bespoke nail sets with vintage floral, cameo and pearl designs all created by hand of Melody.





Sterling Silver Fine Jewellery!
New additions to the Fine Jewellery Collection including amazing sterling silver Mesh Bangles and dainty Heart necklaces.


Knuckle Rings!
Hugely popular at the moment, these midi rings can be worn above knuckle or as dainty rings alone.

Bold Cuffs & Geometrics!
Trending Triangles and gold cuffs!


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Coming Soon to Melody Moo!

Melody Moo is currently in the process of designing a new Jewellery range! Metal stamped jewellery which will be available for personalisation whether it's your name, a favourite date, pet or loved one for all occasion's..Births, in memory of, weddings, christenings, birthdays, anniversary's.

Starting with a necklace and keyring range in bold capital names, occasions and proverbs, and a the beginning of the Alice in Wonderland Collection to Melody Moo
.The range will be sure to 'pack a punch' and be a brilliant addition to Melody Moo.

Also in the making is a new collection of handmade Retro pin Up Ladies on bold cabochons necklaces and rings!

Butter London Top Coats

Top coats are usually clear and used to set your finished manicure. However, Butter London offer a way to add top coat that will transform your manicure into something much more exciting!!

First up is 'Hen Party'. A sheer neutral lacquer that adds a nude opal overtone to your nails. Works best with pastel pinks and nudes/
then there's 'Knackered'. A brilliantly fun name for a sheer shimmery blue duo chrome lacquer that works perfectly with blues and greens.
Last, but by no means least, is their Matte Finish Top Coat which of course will transform any manicure to this seasons hottest shine free trend.
All formulas are '3 Free' in 11ml bottles from ButterLondon.com