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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Denim Nails Review

I finally got hold of some Denim Nail polish from George Asda for just £3! I purchased the Blue Denim and Black Denim.
First up, the Blue Denim....
IMG_20130819_190917Slightly disappointed with this effect as it is meant to give a stone washed denim effect, yet I don't feel it does enough. I think if I were to add some sponged white effect it may look more like denim.
The application was very easy and with it's medium consistency it spread evenly and you could probably get away with one coat, though I used two.

It had average drying time and didn't run. However, within the hour the tips of my nails had chipped, probably due to no topcoat, as it can ruin the effect if add clear coat on top. The finish is a slightly textured matte effect that still looks really good though.
Overall I would say worth trying, but not as much denim effect as I would have liked to have seen.

Now to the Black Denim...
IMG_20130821_191054As with the Blue, the application was simple and easy with no runs and an average drying time.
This one I feel looks nothing like black denim and instead looks more like a shimmery matte. But I Love it! It's such a pretty black polish with a brilliant matte shimmer and texture. Also, unlike the Blue, it took over a week and a half until my nails chipped with the Black!
Again, I may have to experiment with dabbing some sponged white to try to create a more denim look.
Overall, despite this being the east of the two to look denim I love the black effect it offers as a matte polish!

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