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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Top Jewellery Trends!

This summer is seeing some brilliant trends in fashion and jewellery has come to the forefront of all this!
1. Anchors Ahoy!
The ever popular nautical theme is back and anchors are huge in jewellery at the moment!

Anchor Ring £4.50

anchorearrsAnchor Earrings £3.50

Anchor and Swallow Double Ring £3.50.

2. Geometry!
Geometric shapes are everywhere at the moment. Whether it's a bold geo printed dress or a glorious chunky geometric necklace and triangles are the hottest shape!

Pink Triangle Geometric Necklace £6.50

3. Bold Cuffs!
Shiny, chunky statement bracelet cuffs are a must have for your wrist this season.

Cuff £5.00

4. Shamballa Love!
Yes Shamballa sets are very trendy at the moment! These cute glistening beads come in so many beautiful colours, be it in a necklace, earrings or bracelet. Though if you think it's simply a trendy fad think again, as Shamballa holds a very historic meaning behind the beads. Shamballa is a mythical kingdom that Tibetan Buddhists believe in and they hold a spiritual meaning to search and believe.

Shamballa Bracelet £3.50

Crystal Shamballa Necklace and Earring Gift Set £10.50

5. Sideways Crosses!
This new take on wearing a cross necklace swept the globe with celebrities adorning the beautiful pieces. Crosses are big in fashion right now too, I'm sure you've seen crosses on leggings, tops, nails and of course jewellery! The great thing about the side cross necklace is that it's so dainty and delicately beautiful you can wear it with anything!

sidecross1Side Cross Necklace £7.50

6. Victorian Antique Bronze
Forget modern and retro, this jewellery trend has travelled us back in time to the 1900's! Antique bronze has taken over the gold and silver coloured jewellery giving rings and necklaces a great vintage look.

seagreen1Handmade Nail Polish Rings available for £5.00 in various colours.

rosering2Handmade Rose Ring £4.50

7. Stuck in the Midi!
Knuckle rings have taken over! Instead of wearing a ring normally low down on the finger, knuckle rings are worn in middle of finger above the knuckle.


Available in various designs for £4.50.

8. Moustaches!
Still going strong is the massive Moustache trend! Popular everywhere, whether it's a cushion, top, nail art or jewellery!

purplemoustacheMoustache Necklaces available in different colours for just £3.50

9. Arm Candy!
Once bracelet just isn't enough for this particular trend, from Bracelet Stacks that incorporate multiple bracelets into one wrist piece, to Bracelet Sets that offer trios of separate bracelets as a set.


Bracelet Set for £8.00 for all 3!

10. Evil Eye Comeback!
They're back! Yes the hugely popular 90's trend has returned and this time it's bigger and better than ever!

Available in Antique Silver & Antique Bronze £4.50

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