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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

New Brand: Eve Snow

Launched on April 2013, this new brand is the vision of Yvette Snowden, a cosmetics entrepreneur who wanted to introduce a nail product with added vitamins and nourishing ingredients.
The new formula is a '3 added' lacquer brand with the shades containing Vitamin E, Argon Oil and Ginko Biloba. The lacquer is also free from toxins including formaldehyde and DPP (dibutyl phthalate).
Not only that but the extensive research behind the products has managed to bring us an innovative colour solution with a high pigmented formula, giving higher colour percentage. And the cherry on top for this nourishing, non-toxic, colourful brand is that it of course is a cruelty free company.
Wow! This sounds like a really good product and I cannot wait to try it out. This may set a trend for other polish brands to take note and follow in Eve Snow's footsteps of bringing us a less toxic and much more nourishing nail polish. I'm a big fan of natural skincare products and cosmetics and they have a large market, so it's about time a polish brand came along and brought out something more nourishing.

The new collection brings 16 shades:
  • Sunrise Glow - Warm red.
  • Racey - Labelled as their signature red shade, in a deep blood red.
  • Poppy - Rich red.
  • Prima Donna - Foil effect metallic pink/rose gold look.
  • Opium - Pure white.
  • Pixie - Candy pink.
  • Modesty - Natural pale pink.
  • Material Girl - Bright Barbie pink.
  • LBD - Black.
  • Harlot - Plum red.
  • First Kiss - Blush red.
  • Film Noir - Grey/lavender undertones.
  • EZ Like Sunday Morning - Turquoise.
  • Daydreamer - Sky blue.
  • Birthday Suit - Nude.
  • Alter Ego - Foil effect purple metallic.
Eve Snow Collection available in 10ml bottles for £12 from http://www.beautybay.com/

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