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Friday, 28 June 2013

xBeautyLusciouSx: ♥ Jewellery Piece Review - A Must Read ♥

xBeautyLusciouSx: ♥ Jewellery Piece Review - A Must Read ♥: Hello everyone. Firstly I am so sorry that I did not get round to doing this product review yesterday, I did tell everyone of you on my T...

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Nail Tutorial: Fuchsia & Polka Dot Nails

IMG_20130317_150532_wm (600x800)

IMG_20130317_150231_wm (800x600)

What you will need:
  • Black nail polish (I used Saffron Black).
  • Silver nail art pen ( I used Rio Silver).
  • Fuchsia pink nail polish (I used Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power).
  • Silver nail polish (I used Rimmel Pro Silver).
  • Silver Glitter ( I used Lavat).
  • White nail polish (I used La Femme).
  • Striping Tape.
  • Dotting tool in medium.
IMG_20130317_144842_wm (600x800)

Step 1: Apply striping tape diagonally across nails.
Step 2: Apply fuchsia to bottom half of nail and white to the top half of the nail.
IMG_20130317_145241_wm (600x800)

Step 3: Once dry, remove striping tape.
IMG_20130317_145804_wm (800x600)

Step 4: Using the silver nail art pen, carefully draw a line across the nail where the striping tape has left a gap.
IMG_20130317_145922_wm (600x800)

Step 5: Using a 'glob' of black polish, use the dotting tool to add polka dots to the white of the nails.
IMG_20130317_150222_wm (600x800)

Step 6: Apply top coat to the nails once they are dry and you're done!
Simple nail art! I also used Silver polish and Glitter for an accent nail.
IMG_20130317_150532_wm (600x800)

MAC All About Orange Collection

To celebrate one of this summer's hottest colours MAC are launching a new range of orange hues on June 6th.
The eye-catching oranges range from pale peach to neon tangerine!
The nail polishes will be part of the All About Orange Collection extending to their cosmetics for face and lips too.
The nail polishes comes in 4 luscious oranges:
  • 'KeAi' - Soft pink frost.
  • 'Sweet Pop' - Peachy cream.
  • 'Fiestaware' - Orange coral.
  • 'Morange' - Neon tangerine.
MAC's formula offers long wearing finishes that are no-streaking and chip resistant.
The 10ml bottles are £10 at http://www.maccosmetics.com/index.tmpl

Ciate Corrupted Neon Collection

Contributing to the huge neon trend this summer, Ciate will be launching their Corrupted Neon Kit. the kit will also include Neon Caviar pearls, which together with the popping neons it will be sure to make your nails stand out this summer!

The collection will launch in June and will be available at http://www.selfridges.com/ for £25.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Dior Bird of Paradise Collection


I love the sound of this collection! It just shouts exotic, luxurious, classy, summer nails.To add even more excitement the collection is divided into 2 looks: 'Glowy Exotic', the daytime look and 'Wild Feather', the night time look.

Both collections have 2 nail polishes to complement your look divided into duos 'Samba' and 'Bahia'

The co-ordinated shades are:
'Samba' - Peacock Green & Sea Blue.
'Bahia' - Hibiscus Pink & Petroleum Blue.
Each duo comes in 7ml bottles available for £18 from http://www.escentual.com/

Royal Baby fever hits polish!

With a Royal baby on the way and in honour of the recent Queen Jubilee and Royal Wedding, Butter London have launched a Limited Edition Royal Collection just in time for celebrating Kate and William's new baby!

The shades in the collection are:
  • 'Pitter Patter' - An opaque shimmer aubergine.
  • 'No More Waity, Katie' - Sheer lilac..
  • 'Lillibet's Jubilee' - opaque silver/lavender metallic foil.
All Butter London's lacquers are 3-Free and can be purchased for £13 from http://www.butterlondon.com/
Hopefully they will be sending Kate the lacquer too!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

New Brand: Eve Snow

Launched on April 2013, this new brand is the vision of Yvette Snowden, a cosmetics entrepreneur who wanted to introduce a nail product with added vitamins and nourishing ingredients.
The new formula is a '3 added' lacquer brand with the shades containing Vitamin E, Argon Oil and Ginko Biloba. The lacquer is also free from toxins including formaldehyde and DPP (dibutyl phthalate).
Not only that but the extensive research behind the products has managed to bring us an innovative colour solution with a high pigmented formula, giving higher colour percentage. And the cherry on top for this nourishing, non-toxic, colourful brand is that it of course is a cruelty free company.
Wow! This sounds like a really good product and I cannot wait to try it out. This may set a trend for other polish brands to take note and follow in Eve Snow's footsteps of bringing us a less toxic and much more nourishing nail polish. I'm a big fan of natural skincare products and cosmetics and they have a large market, so it's about time a polish brand came along and brought out something more nourishing.

The new collection brings 16 shades:
  • Sunrise Glow - Warm red.
  • Racey - Labelled as their signature red shade, in a deep blood red.
  • Poppy - Rich red.
  • Prima Donna - Foil effect metallic pink/rose gold look.
  • Opium - Pure white.
  • Pixie - Candy pink.
  • Modesty - Natural pale pink.
  • Material Girl - Bright Barbie pink.
  • LBD - Black.
  • Harlot - Plum red.
  • First Kiss - Blush red.
  • Film Noir - Grey/lavender undertones.
  • EZ Like Sunday Morning - Turquoise.
  • Daydreamer - Sky blue.
  • Birthday Suit - Nude.
  • Alter Ego - Foil effect purple metallic.
Eve Snow Collection available in 10ml bottles for £12 from http://www.beautybay.com/

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sally Hansen Complete Manicure Review

So I came across this whilst out on a nail haul a few weeks ago and thought that I would give it a try. It claims to have '5 steps of a manicure in 1 bottle' :
  • Base Coat.
  • Strengthener.
  • Growth Treatment.
  • Colour.
  • Top Coat.
It also boasts to be chip-resistant for up to 10 days and the formula has Patented Micro-Encapsulated time-release Technology.
20130602_200804 - Copy (349361581)
The shade I applied is named 'Barely Blue Bell', a deep mint shade.
I was actually pleasantly surprised by this polish! I know that it boasts to be a good manicure polish, but having tried so many top branded 'chip-free long lasting' polishes and having them all fail, I must admit I didn't have high hopes for poor Sally.
The application was ultra-smooth and I only needed one coat!! It gave great full coverage and I was amazed at how quickly it dried! The finish gave me a strong, glossy manicure.
Now the reason that I turned to this polish was because I was facing a very busy week and knew that I wouldn't have time to do my nails. I have a business to run, a house to clean and a very active 1 year old to see to, so the wear and tear on my nails is usually quite harsh (washing, cleaning ,baby, shopping etc). The Sally Hansen Manicure definitely passed the test!! Most of my manicures only last a day or two, but Sally came through for me!

20130602_200756 - Copy

After 8 days of wear ( I had to take it off to do a nail tutorial) my nails were still going strong and looked shiney. I had a couple of barely noticeable chips ( from hedge trimming!) but that was it.
The only disadvantage I found was that when I  came to remove the polish one of my nails was slightly stained a green mint colour in the corner, which came off after more remover.
I would give Sally Hansen Complete Manicure 8/10 and will definitely be buying more!
Available from http://www.boots.com/en/Sally-Hansen-Complete-Salon-Manicure-Nail-Colour_1317168/ for £6.99

Infinity Jewellery Trend

The Infinity Symbol is fast becoming one of the biggest trends in fashion this year, especially when it comes to jewellery.
The Infinity design ( also called 'lemniscate') symbolises a mathematical meaning that represents Infinity.
Popular to buy for a loved one or for best friends to wear, the Infinity symbol signifies love, commitment and eternity to people.
Here at Melody Moo we stock a glorious range of Infinity Jewellery at great affordable prices...


20130602_120403 (820x615)

Visit the shop now to get yourself some beautiful, affordable and very trendy Infinity Jewellery!!!

May Nail Polish Haul

So I tend to have a habit of buying a lot of nail polish, I mean a lot of it is for my business, but some of it I just can't resist buying for myself.
In May I had quite a large shopping nail haul and wanted to share with you my epic purchases...
IMG_20130523_131246First part of my nail haul are these cute mini candy neon's I found by Cairuo in Blue, Orange, Greentea, Lilac and Strawberry. I love mint colours so love the look of the Greentea and the colours are bang on trend.

IMG_20130523_131216Next part of my nail haul are these beauties. I picked up Nails Inc Collection with New Compton Street, Lisle Street and Sheraton Street which offer lovely peach, pink and concrete blue shades; Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Barely Blue Bell, a luscious deep peppermint shade; Topshop's peel off nail polish called On The Blink, a gorgeous electric blue that I love! And finally Rimmel by Kate in New Romantic, a luscious baby pink with hint of shimmer.
IMG_20130523_131638This part of the nail haul includes: Collection Gel Colour in Watermelon,; Revlon Scented in Cherry Bon Bon, which smells delicious; BarryM pink Chameleon, which when add top coat to the colour it turns a lovely deep purple; BarryM pink Sequin effect, with also has a textured effect to it.

IMG_20130523_131814And finally to conclude my epic nail haul: W7 Orange Glitter; Butter London Jasper, a creamy lemon which I was on the hunt for a nice lemon shade; Lavat Purple Glitter; Miss Sporty Metal Flip, a really unique looking metallic with two tone effect of silvers, golds, purples, and greens; NYS Bue Sky, a lovely sky blue almost pale turquoise shade.
Phew! now that's an epic nail haul...not sure I can top this one as I think I had May madness ha ha, but I'll be sure to bring you more of my nail hauls and of course reviews of my purchases.

Film Maker!

So today my bestie came over to help me set up a new nail tutorial to show people how to apply my false nail sets. I will probably have to spend a lot of time editing! Ha ha. I also applied a quick glitter gradient to her nails for a little video tutorial on that too. It was so much fun, I can't wait to start doing my video tutorials and set up YouTube now! Although I must say I'm not looking forward to all the editing....I don't like technology very much! I'm Ok doing what I need to, but I much prefer creating designs and sorting the business side of the business rather than all the techy stuff. Although I am very lucky being that I'm married to a tech genius, so if I ever get stuck I know I have my IT support. Anyway, off I go to look at all this editing videos business, hopefully coming to my website Melody Moo soon! :-)

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Basic Floral Nails Tutorial

What you will need:
  • Chosen nail colour.
  • 2 pinks (polishes or acrylic paints) one light pink, one dark pink.
  • Green (polish or acrylic paint).
  • Fine dotting tool or fine tip brush.
  • Palette or clean jar lid/bottle lid.
  • Base and Top Coat.

Step 1: After your base coat has dried, paint your nails chosen colour ( I used China Glaze 're-fresh mint').
IMG_20130310_171502_wm (600x800)

Step 2: Once your nails are dry, add some pale pink spots to your nails, they don't have to be perfectly round and usually works better if they aren't.
IMG_20130310_172224_wm (600x800)
Step 3: Using your palette or clean jar/bottle lid( I used a jar lid, as easily disposable afterwards!), add a small blob of dark pink and green (I used Sally Hansen Fuchsia and NYC in Green).
Step 4: Using the dotting tool or fine brush draw dark pink edges around your pale pink roses adding some curves in the centre too.
IMG_20130310_172424_wm (800x600)
Step 5: Add your green leaves using the dotting tool or brush (make sure clean first) by drawing small 'v's around the edges of the roses.
IMG_20130310_172835_wm (600x800)

Step 6:: Ta Da! Apply a top coat when dry and there you have a basic floral design on your nails!
I also used a fuchsia and silver accent nails.


So I thought my first post on here should be an introduction......My business is Melody Moo Nails & Jewellery but my actual name really is Melody!
I am 32 years young, married with a very active, very ARGHHHHHH one year old at the minute. I am studying a Psychology Degree, which is something I always wanted to do as have quite an analytical mind. I recently began my dream of having my own business and working from home.
Melody Moo sells acrylic nail sets that I design and do myself, fashion jewellery with the latest affordable trends, Moo jewellery which is off course my signature Moo Cow jewellery and I also create and make my own jewellery designed and painted with nail polish effects.
I spent my whole life wanting to work for myself but it has definitely took me a long time to get here...I guess sometimes life can get in the way! I have always loved fashion, jewellery and nails and have been creating my own nail designs for many many years and coupled with business and finance qualifications and experience, Melody Moo is perfect for me!
I am hugely passionate about my work and I often stay up late to create my designs and put a lot of love into my business, so it's not just about £.
Other hobbies??? I used to have something called 'spare time', but since my son has arrived I think that has sorrowfully gone out of the window! But once upon a time, and if I ever do get some free time, I would say my interests are predominately Gaming and Reading. Yes I'm a huge bookworm! I will read anything I can sink my teeth into, but my favourite books are my classics of 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'The Hobbit'. As for the Gaming, yes I am a 'Gamer Girl'! Ever since my Dad bought me my first Commodore 64 I have been addicted to the world of games consoles. I barely get time to play anymore, but Friday nights, once work is done with and my son is in bed I get the chance to play.
Personality wise I can be confusing so I will try to keep it simple with some keywords...bossy, feisty, sarcastic, positive, outspoken, strong, humorous, daft, animal lover, intelligent.
So there you have it...I hope you follow my blog as I journey myself through business, babies, rants, chaos and success!
Oh and if you do fancy any Jewellery or Nails, go to my website! ;-)