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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Simple Quilted Nails Tutorial

What You Will Need:
  • Chosen nail polish (I used Saffron Black).
  • Matte Top Coat ( I use Boots No 17).
  • Dental Floss Pick (See pic below).
  • Dotting tool and Caviar beads (optional).

IMG_20130320_154922 (810x608)


IMG_20130320_155556 (810x608)1. Paint your nails in chosen colour until almost dry (may need one or two coats depending on your polish).

2. Apply Matte top coat quickly to your nails (or you may prefer to do one nail at a time).

IMG_20130320_162011 (810x608)
3. Leave for few minutes, then whilst nails are still soft (but not wet or tacky!) take your floss pick and is the floss like a saw to create  a criss cross effect.

IMG_20130320_162617 (810x608)

4. Using the dotting tool and a small amount of clear polish or nail glue ( and I mean small or it will seep onto the matte and make parts shiny). carefully place caviar beads onto the corners of the criss cross to complete your quilted nails.

There you have it, very simple quilted nails!
Don't worry if you don't get it right straight away, it took me a couple of tries when I first started. The key to getting this right is to get the nails dried just enough to not be wet or tacky, yet not enough to be completely dry, which can take some practice and really does depend on the nail polish that it used as they all vary and have different drying times.

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